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My testimonials

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Super Realtor - From Brendan Chua

My family and I got to know Eve Choo 6 years ago and are very proud to have closed 3 property acquisitions with her as our trusted realtor ever since. Needless to say, we are loyal repeat clients of Eve. If Eve acts as your realtor, you can be sure that she is fully protecting your interests.

Beyond her deep knowledge of the Singapore property market, Eve’s strength is in her ability to give frank and pointed advice and guide her clients through the somewhat emotional process of buying a home. In the most recent transaction, she kept our emotions in check through the fiercest of bidding wars (2 in fact!) and successfully secured a good price for our home upgrade.

That said, the above qualities are par for the course for A NY experienced realtor worth their salt.

What really sets Eve apart from her peers is her tenacity and dedication to see through a deal. Beneath her poise and polished looks lies a determined professional who will go the extra lightyear to close a deal for her client at the best achievable terms.

We look forward to working with Eve again.

Yours sincerely,
Brendan Chua

Dr Winson Tan & Dr Jacqueline Jung

My wife and I are lucky and privileged to have Eve Choo as our realtor. We are really glad to have her guidance navigating the complex and ever - changing landscape of the Singapore property market.

From the first time we met, it was apparent that Eve was extremely knowledgeable. She took time to understand our needs and objectives regarding our property purchase and also advised us on the various ways to minimize costs incurred (ABSD etc) for our subsequent property purchase. After grasping a sense of our needs, she shortlisted potential properties we were interested in and took each viewing as an opportunity to understand our preferences. She catered to our hectic schedules by accommodating viewings on weekends. She even took the extra mile of picking us up for selected viewings whereby parking was anticipated to be challenging. All these gestures made the viewing experience extremely conducive and allowed us to fully appreciate and critically evaluate every property that we viewed. What was most remarkable was the non - pushy manner which she handled her clients. Unlike some realtors who are often keen to close a deal as soon as possible to earn their commission, Eve always gave us the time and space w e needed to consider after each viewing session. She was also honest and would indicate the pros and cons of each property and would never hesitate to point out if she felt that a particular property was not suited to our needs. It was clear from our interactions that she was looking out for our best interests and hence we trusted her 100%.

Thanks to her efforts, we eventually secured our dream home in a relatively short time frame. Eve assisted further by helping us to co-ordinate the various legal aspects and secure the relevant housing loan with the most competitive package. She also facilitated the valuation process for our purchased property so as to ensure prompt approval of our housing loan. We are indeed blessed to have her assistance during this journey and hereby strongly recommend her for the SG Real Estate Agents Excellence Awards

Yours sincerely,
Dr Winson Tan and Dr Jacqueline Jung

Isabelle Tan

No doubt, Eve is the best person to partner up with if you want to sell your house. She’s never fails to deliver more than what we asked for. Her strong negotiation skills gets us the best price (i.e. higher than we expected) and better terms for the sale of our house. She is respectful, accommodating, and also knowledgeable about the property market.

What we really appreciate about her is how she screens potential buyers so that we only have genuine parties entering our home for viewing. This is important as we prefer lesser footfall into our home.

Eve is passionate about what she does and it is evident through our interaction with her. She doesn’t rush to settle a deal but makes sure we get the best deal even if it means having to re - negotiate several mo re rounds. As such, we trust her as she looks out for our best interest.

We would highly recommend her to family and friends knowing that they will be in good hands as she is one that delivers (over delivers actually) and makes the whole “selling house process” (which can be stressful) an enjoyable one. When we want to sell the current house we are living in, she will be the person we will engage in a heartbeat.

Thanks Eve!!!


Isabelle Tan - Vice President (Bank)

Ivan and Shilei

Dear Sir

We are writing to commend Eve Choo for the exceptional service she had provide to us when she helped us to sell our property and buy our new home last year.

On the sale of our property at Blue Horizon, she managed to help us achieve a high psf compared to other similar units. She had also successfully helped us negotiated with the buyer for a later handover date in view of the fact that we would need time to search for our new home.

On the purchase of our new property, she understood our needs thoroughly before researching and identifying properties that best suited our needs. She presented bank/SRX data to derive a fair market value, and helped us negotiated with various sellers for the best pricing. The process had been very challenging but we were very impressed with her perserverance. She also facilitated the financing services and ensured that it was a smooth and hassle free process for us at every stage. We are now happily staying at our new home at Flamingo Valley.

Eve was hardworking and dedicated and was always willing to go the extra mile for us. We would definitely recommend her service to our friends and family in future.

Ivan and Shilei

Wong Tuen Seng

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Ms Eve Choo as a Property Agent for buy/sell residential properties in Singapore. Ms Choo is an agent from the company PropNex.

I was doing research to buy a residential property last year. Through internet website I met about a dozen property agents for discussion and viewing. Anyone would agree with me that some agents are good at pushing to close a deal but not providing the services an agent is supposed to rendering. Ms Choo is an exception. Through her contacts and knowledge of the market, I managed to buy a unit at Amber45 and is absolutely satisfied with what I bought.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ms Choo. She i s honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. Very professional and diligent in her work and good working knowledge of legal framework which is important in the property market. Apart from that she is also a good listener and understand what a client i s looking for bearing in mind property purchases involve significant financial commitments for the buyer.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Ms Choo to anyone who is interested in buy/sell property in Singapore.As a dedicated and knowledgeable agent and an all - around great person, I know she will make sure your transaction get through without a hitch.

Wong Tuen Seng

45 Amber Road Singapore 439886

Ex - Area Treasury Manager for Energizer Asia Pacific.

Terence Tan and Jessie Pang

Dear PropNex,

My wife and I met Eve while we were searching for our future dream home. When we first started looking for property, we were clueless with the complex home sale process. Eve had patiently explained the entire process to us and used her detailed knowledge of the market to help us sell our current home. She had provided strategic advice on how we could achieve our dream home while we look for buyer for our current home.

Throughout the entire process, Eve is always available for questions and had gave invaluable advice on how to manage housing finance. She would also update us at every step on what we need to do so we won’t be overwhelmed by the otherwise complex housing financing terms.

We faced one of the biggest challenges when our first sales transaction falls through, Eve reacted promptly to the situation and immediately raised the issue to the law firm to help us sort out the necessary paperwork. She had turned a very stressful situation to a lighter one that had helped us to ease our stress tremendously. This had gone beyond our expectations for a property agent.

She takes great care in handling all the nitty - gritty of the property sale, from engaging banker to sourcing the best valuation, providing conveyancing advice, even down to recommending the moving contractor and interior designer! She always has the best interests at heart for her clients and strived to get the best deals for us. In our opinion, Eve has gone to the extra miles way beyond her role as the agent to attain the most optimum outcome for us.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Eve and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house.

Terence Tan
IT Principal Consultant

 Jessie Pang
Project Manager (IT Unified Comms Certification Global Lead)

Mr. Koh Tze Min


I would like to write in a very positive testimonial for my property agent Eve Choo who has helped me purchase a private property recently.

"Eve is very experienced and knowledgeable, and she has diligently met my specific requirements to enable the purchase of my first freehold property without hassle! She has opened my eyes to the intrinsic value and great potential of the new property which I am confident that I have bought a great product. She has planned and coordinated my legal and bank loan processes very well and it was a very smooth and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Eve for your property purchase!"

Thank you.

Mr. Koh Tze Min

Engineering Manager of a fintech company